Lightworkerz Privacy Policy

Last Updated: November 11th, 2020


This Privacy Policy (herein as “Policy”) describes how we use customers and advisors (customers and advisors also referred to as “users” or “you” or “your”) personal information and how important it is to us. This is why we are committed to protecting your personal information (information also referred to as data) from unauthorized use and access. We promise to keep your information safe and to give you ways to manage and review it at any time. Lightworkerz LLC (referred herein as “Lightworkerz” or “we” or “our” or “us”) provides this Pay-to-Chat service worldwide (referred herein as “Services”). As part of our business, we offer our users an e-commerce service accessible from our Website at (referred herein as “Website”). To provide our services, we collect personal information about you. In the personal information collection forms on the Website, the customer is notably informed of the mandatory nature, or not, of the information collection. In the event of failure to provide this information, the Advisor will not be able to perform its services.

By accessing our Website and submitting your information to us, you agree to be bound by the disclosures and use of your Information by Lightworkerz in accordance with this Policy. You also acknowledge that we may transfer your information to our service providers outside the US.


2.1 California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”): This refers to the California statute intended to improve privacy rights and consumer protection for California residents who use our Services.

2.2 General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’): This refers to the California statute intended to improve privacy rights and consumer protection for California residents who use our Services.

2.3 Personal Data: As referred to under the GDPR, refers to any information that is able to identify who natural person, whether directly or indirectly.

2.4 Personal Information: This has the same meaning as Personal Data.

2.5 Services: This refers to the Website platform and resources provided by Lightworkerz through which Advisors and Customers can connect.

2.6 Advisor: This refers to a user offering psychic reading services through the Website, who uses extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance, or who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws.

2.7 Customer: means an end user or otherwise a person that pays to get psychic readings.

2.8 Website: This refers to the Website and integrated platform provided by Lightworkerz for Advisors and Customers to deal.

2.9 “User(s)”: means the Customers, Advisor, and/or other visitors of the Website.

2.10 “You” / “your”: means Users.


Lightworkerz is your data collector and controller. We are a corporation registered and organized under the laws of the State of Texas, which is located at 10823 Gazelle Cliff San Antonio, TX 78245.


We collect certain categories of information when you access our Website or use the Services. The categories and their uses include;

4.1 Personal Information: Lightworkerz collects personal information that can be used to directly identify who you are. If you signed up as an Advisor, we collect information such as name, birthday, email address, working experiences, services you wish to render, prices, country of location, etc. For Customers, we collect information which includes name, age, gender, email address, location, payment information, prices, date of birth, etc. This information helps us to make the Services available to you.

4.2 Lightworkerz Collects and Uses Your Personal Information for the reasons below:

4.3 Non-Personal Information: We collect other information known as “Non-personal information” with our technology when you access our Website. Such information may include, without limitation, your device IP Address, geo-location, page view statistics, Internet Service Provider, weblog, and the browser you use to access the Website. Other non-personal information we collect includes cookie information as well as web beacons. We collect this information for the reasons below;


Signing up and login into the Lightworkerz Website through a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest is a feature that we make available to make your registration or account login easy. In addition to this, the feature also permits you to share some information with these social media platforms. By login into the Website or signing up through any of your social media accounts, you grant us the exclusive right to use and store this information in accordance with this Policy.


We use your Personal Information about you based upon the legal basis of your consent to make the Website available, process your requests, respond to your questions and communicate with you, identify and fix problems within Website, and send you updates about changes to the Website, this Policy, and the Lightworkerz and third-party services offered through the Website.

By accessing the Website and using our Services, you further consent to our use of your Personal Information as described below:


Lightworkerz may share or disclose your Personal Information under the following circumstances;

7.1 Other Users: When you interact with another user on the Website, we will provide them with certain Personal Information about you, which may include your screen name and avatar (photo). For example, if you engage an Advisor as a Customer, you and the Advisor will both have access to each other’s screen name and profile avatar.

7.2 Third-Party Service Providers: Third party service providers are entities that carry out some specific tasks on our behalf. For example, our payment processor (PayPal) requires users’ name and payment or billing information to pay our Advisors and charge our Customers. Another example is our commercial partners including marketing and advertising firms. We also share your information within Lightworkerz employees, agent, and directors. Note that we strongly prohibit our third-party service providers from using your information for purposes outside the scope of why they work for us. To see the full list of the third party service providers that may have access to Personal Information about you, please write to us at

7.3 Law Agencies: Lightworkerz will also disclose your information to governmental agencies such as a competent court, a police department, and other relevant government agencies in case of an ongoing claim or proceeding or otherwise to solve a criminal or fraudulent action in relation to your use of our Services. Please, note that we will never disclose your information to any law agency unless it’s a valid request with the right paperwork.

7.4 Corporate Change: Corporate change is subject to merger, sale of assets, acquisition, or consolidation between Lightworkerz and another entity. In the event that another entity merges with or acquires us, we will have to disclose your information to the merging or acquiring entity. Notwithstanding, any corporate change action will be communicated to you, and you may withdraw your consent.

7.5 Lightworkerz Shares Your Personal Information with third parties in the additional following circumstances:

Lightworkerz does not sell and does not generally release (other than as provided in this policy) Personal Information to third parties; however, information provided to any governmental body may be subject to disclosure pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act and applicable federal and state legislation.


To provide you with the Services and a more effective Website, Lightworkerz use Cookies as part of our interaction with your Internet browser. Cookies are pieces of data placed on your hard drive by our web page server. A Cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture your e-mail address. Cookies are commonly used on websites and are not capable of harming your system. Lightworkerz uses the session Cookie, which helps us to remember you when you come back to the Website for login purposes.

Please, note that if you do not want Cookies, you may decline, block, or deactivate them by going through your browser setting. However, be aware that your experience on the Website may be less smooth. Please, note that some of the social media plugins on the Website create their own Cookies to facilitate their services.

You can also adjust your individual browser settings relating to cookies by visiting these pages:

For other browsers not listed above, please consult the help section of your browser.

Lightworkerz also uses Google Analytics to help us gather analytics information and how our Website is used, including the number of Website visitors, where the Website visitors navigate to the Website from, and the pages they visit on the Website. This information is used by us to improve our Website. To learn more about safeguarding your data for websites using Google Analytics, visit here. To opt-out of our data collection by Google Analytics, you can download and install a Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on here. To learn more about Google Analytics Cookie Usage on the Website, visit here.

We use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to log when users view specific pages or take specific actions on or getting to the Website. Google Analytics specifically allows us to provide targeted advertising in the future. We may also use Google AdWords as a tool to acquire relevant new clients who are looking for our service and Google AdSense to show our clients other relevant advertising that may assist them while they are using our Website. To learn more about How Google uses Cookies targeted in advertising, visit here. To adjust your Google Ad Settings and learn how to opt out of particular targeted advertising, visit here or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page here.


The third-party service providers that Lightworkerz use have their specific privacy policies that governs how they use the Personal Information we share with them in accordance with the GDPR and CCPA laws. We advise you to read these privacy policies carefully. You understand that even if Lightworkerz deletes your Personal Information that it may still be available in a third-party service provider’s database. Lightworkerz has no responsibility or liability for the Personal Information collection, use, or storage activities of the third-party services providers used by Lightworkerz to provide you with the services associated with the Website.

The Website may contain products and services from third parties, and links to the relevant third parties. These third-party websites have separate privacy policies. Lightworkerz has no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of such third parties or their websites. We encourage you to read carefully the privacy policies of all such third-party websites. If you submit any Personal Information to any third party website through the Website, you bear the consequences therefrom.


We acknowledge the importance of your information and the risk associated with it if accessed by unauthorized persons. This is why we employ both physical and administrative means of information security. We store Customers’ information in a database which requires authentication before it can be accessed. With this database, the Customers’ information is stored as plain text with the exception of the users’ password which is automatically hashed upon creation. Although we have employed the use of secured measures to safeguard your information, we do not warrant that it is totally safe from unauthorized access. We will not be liable if there is an unauthorized access to your information by theft. We also advise you to keep your login information confidential.

Please, note that we do not store Advisors’ information on the Website; they are emailed to the Website administrator.


Lightworkerz may send you notices and promotional messages (“Offers”) to your email address. By sharing us your data, you grant us the exclusive right to send Offers. We will not disclose your data with a third party organization for their marketing purposes unless you permit it. If you do not wish to receive Offers, you may opt-out by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in any email Lightworkerz sends to you. However, you may not be able to turn off some certain administrative notices, such as updates to this Policy.


Lightworkerz will keep your information for as long as you are a registered member of the Website and for as long as your membership is not terminated. Although we keep some information with us even after you do not have an account with us. This information will be kept for one year after the termination of your account to comply with the applicable law.


Lightworkerz provides its services all over the world, including in the countries located in the EU. Due to this, we are required to comply with the rules of GDPR in the processing of Personal Data.

Lightworkerz is the “controller” in respect of your Personal Data for the purposes of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect on May 25, 2018.

The law protects your privacy. Under the GDPR, we are allowed to process your Personal Data only if we have a lawful reason. Lightworkerz must have one or more of the following lawful reasons before processing your data:

Under certain articles of the GDPR, you have certain rights in relation to your Personal Data, which includes:


Under the CCPA, users from California have the below rights:

To exercise the rights above, please reach out to us via our contact information at


Lightworkerz operates from the United States while our service providers may operate from other locations, whose privacy laws may not be as adequate as that of your location. By sharing Personal Information with us, you are aware that your Personal Information will be used in accordance with this Policy. Also, since our third party service providers operate from the United States and other locations, we may transfer your Personal Information to them in the location they are so as to perform tasks on our behalf.

For the transfer of EU subject’s information under the international transfer will only be done in accordance with this Policy, and Lightworkerz will be responsible for any breach of your information subject to international transfer.


The Lightworkerz Website and Services is made available to persons that are 18 years of age and above only unless the law says otherwise. If you access our Website, you represent to us that you have the capacity and you meet the required age as we do not unknowingly collect registration request from children (minors). If we learned of a child owning an account with us, we will deem it to be a violation of our Terms and Conditions and finally take steps to have the account terminated.


You can exercise your rights in the following ways:

We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your request and we will then answer fully within 2 weeks. In some cases, due to the complexity of the request or the number of requests, this period may be extended by 2 weeks.


In relation to marketing profiling (selecting you for specific promotions and making product recommendations), you may continue to receive marketing promotions but they will be less relevant to you and no longer be targeted to your interests.


Where we are processing your data based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at the above address.


This Policy and all other Lightworkerz agreements shall be governed by the law of Texas and the United States in general without regards for conflict of law principles.


If a part or provision of this Policy is found void, invalid, or unenforceable by a law court having competent jurisdiction in Texas, that provision or part shall be severable and taken down while the other provisions of this Policy will remain in effect.


We reserve the right, periodically, to change this Policy for any reason, which shall be affected by publishing of the updated Policy on the Website. It is your duty from time to time to check out the Website to be informed regarding the latest version of this Policy.


We welcome questions, suggestions, complaints, feedback, reviews, and opinions. You may send any of these to our contact information below; Email Address:

Lightworkerz Address: 10823 Gazelle Cliff San Antonio, TX 78245